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  • MathleteHauler

    I need help on the XP rewards for the Alcumus page. Thanks!

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  • MathleteHauler

    Almost every month, there is at least one member of staff that becomes inactive. Without that many members on our staff team, the wiki will eventaully start decaying, and our staff does not like that.

    Whenever our current staff thinks that we need more staff members in a specific area (e.g. chat moderators against discussions moderators, etc.), we are going to select our top candidates who does not have that power (they can still be part of staff already) to become that power.

    Each role is different. Here's what you can do to become part of staff:

    If you are interested in becoming a chat moderator, here's what you can do:

    • Hang out in chat
    • Contribute in a major area (e.g., videos, books, winners, etc.)

    If you are interested in becoming a discussi…

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