MathCounts is very competitive. Using books would be a great resource into tackling future problems that might appear on the MathCounts Competition.

Most of the books in this resource are from Art of Problem Solving.

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AoPS BooksEdit

Introduction SeriesEdit

Prealg Introtoalg Introtocp Intront Introg

Intermediate SeriesEdit

Interalg Intercp Precalc Calc

Competition PreparationEdit

Cmms Vol1 Vol2

MathCounts BooksEdit

Mc-practice Mc-practice2

Beast AcademyEdit

Beast Academy Grade 3Edit

Beast-3a Beast-3b Beast-3c Beast-3d

Beast Academy Grade 4Edit

Beast-4a Beast-4b Beast-4c Beast-4d

Beast Academy Grade 5Edit

Beast-5a Beast-5b Beast-5c Beast-5d

Other BooksEdit