This person has been awarded the Blue Ribbon for being an outstanding mathlete at the national competition!

Ashwin Sah is the countdown round runner up for two consecutive years. He got defeated by Chad Qian and Alec Sun in the finals.

Countdown Round QuestionsEdit


"How many positive multiples of 4 less than 1000 are there that contains only even digits?"

Answer: 74

Ashwin is now 3-2 over Alec, heading into the sixth question.

"How many ways are there from eight people to create four teams of two people each?"

Ashwin's Attempt: 2520 Correct Answer: 105

They are now tied at 3-3. The next question will become the national champion!

"What is the greatest integer that must be a factor of the sum of four consecutive odd integers?"

Ashwin's Answer: 2 Correct Answer: 8

Alec Sun is our 2013 MathCounts National Champion, and Ashwin is the runner-up.

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